Rosetta Stone

MARCH 2017     Branding / UX / UI

The goal of this project was to create an application/experience that engages a user in their surrounding environment. This application should also create an emotional tie to the user and keep them coming back. This is acheived by integrating augmented reality into the application, allowing a unique learning experience.

BRAD  |  The Bilingual Wannabe

Wants to be able to use RS at his own pace without just going through all of the units and levels. Want’s to feel more connected to the real world and whatever language he is trying to learn. Is out of college and lives in a highly diverse area. They want to be able to communicate easily with someone from a different culture.

JANET  |  The Educator 

She has looked over many studies that show that RS program does not work well for children and they just sort of guess by matching the pictures to each other. She feels like there should be a better way for students to learn each word or phrase. She is always teaching in a classroom, however uses the product outside of class to refine skills in her different languages.

ROBERT  |  The Business Traveler

Is a traveling man who relies on his technology to get him through each day. He would like a downloadable app that doesn’t require wi-fi so he can use it while traveling. Wants to be able to use the program across all of the mobile platforms. Will need easy access to customer service if he is having issues in other areas of the world.