MARCH 2017     Branding / UX / UI

The solution is to create a new website that includes a virtual store that users can shop for art from. Create a brand identity that will gain more recognition from each demographic. The older target market should have an easy time registering artwork and signing up for classes. Increase the social media presence in order to reach the younger audience.

VICTORIA  |  College Student

She studies at Ferris State University, however she has never heard of Artworks. Recently moving from out of state Victoria wants to learn more about the culture and history of Big Rapids. Curious to learn more she wants to sign up for an art class. She also believes that in order to reach out to the college student demographic, Artworks needs to increase their social media presence.

GEOFF  |  Local Woodworker 

Working many long hours paying attention to the detail and craft of his work. Geoff comes in tired from a days work looking to post new, finshed woodwork on Artworks’ website. Looking for a smooth process to showcase his work. He follows the guidelines from Artworks’ website with ease.

SUSAN  |  Time Crunching Mother

Susan is always running errands, driving the kids around, or working a full time job. With her daughter looking to take some classes at Artworks, she decides to work out at Transformation Fitness. Due to her busy schedule she needs to be able to navigate around the Artworks application with ease.


The new brand of Artworks cleans up the previous branding. This is so users are not turned away from the idea of Artworks and it’s opportunities.


The new Artworks site reflects on the clean branding. It also eliminates a lot of unnecessary clutter that is found on the previous website.


Local artists can now upload their work online to be sold either online or in-store.


Users can now shop from the Painted Turtle online and forget having to go to the store to browse.