Agora is a Greek word used to describe a community meeting place. The purpose that this application serves is to allow teachers that are not as well equiped in certain areas, to reach out to other teachers from different school districts around the world. Teachers can also manage their own agenda’s from within the app.

JANE  |  General Ed Teacher

Teaches special needs students in grade school from grades 3
to 5. She wants to see a program to implement with struggling students to ensure that their progress in school matches that of
her other students.

JOHN  |  High School Teacher 

He teaches 9th grade students. John wants to have a way to communicate his teaching methods to other teachers across all demographics, and figure out what works best and what is not working out well to help better the educaiton of all of his students.

JULIA  |  University Professor

She spends most of her time in the general educaiton setting, however she moves abck and forth with the special education teachers to help in the special education setting. She wants to have  away to help address the needs of students that are at risk learners, and come from a community of poverty.



The user flow of agora revolves around a dashboard that allows quick access to every other main page of the application. From here users can search people, send message, and access the calendar and emails.

The Agora interface is designed to be clean and efficient or each teacher to easily use throughout the day and have little distraction. Users can access their calendar, emails and messages, and veiw profiles all within the app.